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PostPosted: Thu 09 Dec 2004, 1:03 am 
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did this today and it really wasnt that hard... well i've decided to write up an easy to read FAQ for any noobs going to do this. i didnt drain my gear box oil first at all, and didnt end up needing to replace any as only a very few drops were lost. but it probably is best to drain it.

first get all the tools your gonna need, eg sockets, stands etc...

1) crack the wheel lug nuts and jack the car up

2) take off the wheel and pop out the center cap of the rim (only if center hub nut is not already exposed) via clip from the inside of the rim

3) take out hub nut split pin, i found this very hard as it probably hadnt been moved for 18years, so i cut it off and bought new ones for 5c each

4) put wheel back on with center cap removed and lower vehicle

5) get the biggest drive socket you can find and some lube etc and probably a huge power bar and loosen the hub nut with a 1.25 inch socket end bit thingo (make sure you lower the car for this step otherwise you WILL end up pushing it off its jack stand)

6) jack car back up and take off wheel for good and take off the previously loosend hub nut

7) undo the two nuts connecting the strut to the hub assembly bit

8 ) pull down on brake/hub assembly with some force to move it enough to physically rip the old drive shaft out of the hub (using some force, two people comes in useful)

9) now once the drive shaft is out of the wheel end, place an oil pan under the inner/gear box end of the drive shaft as you will loose some gear box oil if you havnt drained it. get a crow bar (or something to pry with) place it between the inner end of the drive shaft and the gear box and pry it out as far as you can (the circlip shouldnt allow you to ge the drive shaft out of the box easy)

10) once the inner end is loose, now step back and physically pull the drive shaft with some force directly out of the gear box (tug-o-war style). it should come out pretty easy.


11) clean all rubber joining before they get regreased just to get rid of any dirt and shit.

12) get new drive shaft outer/wheel end greased up pretty good and force it back into the hub splines (this will require to pull the hub assembly down again)

13) lube up the inner end with more grease and push that into the gear box (make sure you use a new circlip)

14) reasemble nuts and bolts in reverse order to put everything back together

15) top up gear box oil if much was lost.

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PostPosted: Thu 09 Dec 2004, 1:13 am 
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Yep thats all good.

You can just jack the car up on a huge angle if you don't want to lose any oil.

Best way is to lightly pry the driveshaft out of the gearbox with a large screw driver, be careful not to damage anything though.

If you pull on just the entire driveshaft you could perhaps pull the cv's apart...

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