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PostPosted: Sun 12 Jun 2005, 5:55 pm 
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I hope this will help any Cordia owners trying to change their gearbox by themselves.Moderators could send this to FAQ section cause i believe it would bring lots of help to some of you out there


Well first i would loosen wheel bolts abit

1. Jack your car up and put all safety things underneath

2. Take your wheels off

3. Take your brake calipers off.Two bolts are holding it 17 mm, once you take them off i usually tie them to a shocker so i have more room ... lts0pb.jpg

4.Than take 2 boltsoff that are holding brake disc and shocker together 17 mm again.With these two bolts you must hold another side of the bolt with 17 mm too / opposite direction ... ion7ve.jpg

5.Than, you must take off the bearing at the end of your driveshafts
which is located right in the midlle of the brake disc

with this bolt you must take off that wire thingy first ,the one which is there as a safety thing so if it get loose it doesn't come off

This bolt is 24 mm and you won't be able to just turn it anti-
clockwise to take it off.You must use a some pole to lock your all disc from moving around when turning

If you can't do it by hand than step on it it works every time

So once that bolt is off behind it there is one bearing take it off too

Or you can do this if there is somone to help you lock the brakes!

" take out pin, undo 24mm centre bolt while having someone push on the brake pedal to stop the disc and driveshaft spinning.

then take off brake calipers and tie them too the spring or strut.

.then take out the 2 17mm bolts holding the hub assembly to the strut.

hope you dont mind, just learnt from experience that 24mm bolt is a pain to get loose if i couldnt keep the disc and driveshaft from turning" ... pin0lz.jpg

6. The next thing
i do is i take of the safety wire thingy off the tierod ends and unsrew the bolt off them which 14 mm , but i don't take off the tierod of the disc

Its just to make your disc move abit more,easier

remember all this you have to do on both sides

7.Drain your gearbox oil out.When you underneath your car its the bolt in the midlle section of the gearbox 24 mm

8.Now your whole disc/hub is loose and off the shocker so pull it to yourself and push out your driveshaft end out of it

Once its free gently keep turning your drive shaft and with quick pull try to pop it out of the gearbox

Pull both drive shafts out

9.Take off your airfilter box, battery all the stuff that will get you easier to gearbox bolts/you can do this before everything

10.Than take off your clutch cable at the clutch cylinder.Bolt size 17 mm i think , don't loose 2 washers put them back ... olt3kh.jpg

11. Take off your Clutch slave cylinder bolt that connects it to the clutch cable, bolt size 14 or 17 mm i think ... olt5lp.jpg

12.take off your 5th gear actuator two 12 mm bolts

13.Unscrew speedo cable from the back of the gearbox

14.Than, take of the metal plate thats holding the side engine mount to the gearbox .This metal plate is underneath the engine mount two 14 mm bolts

Take it off

15.Take off your starter motor out.First disconnect it from the rest of the loom and two bolts are holding it to the gearbox 12 mm / 13 mm

16.Go underneath your car and disconnect gear shifters from the gearbox.Two bolts one i s 14 mm and the other one 12 mm i think.Take it off/see the pic.Each bolt holds one shifter, and with the smaller one that has that wire around it, you must pull out the shifter out of that rubber insulator. ... ors5fr.jpg

17.While you are there you can aslo take your half moon plate off too.Four bolts 12 mm and 10 mm.Make sure you put these bolts back because they are small and you might loose them

18.Some Cordias will have a metal holder between the rear engine mount and your gearbox.My car cordia doesn't have this because someone took it off so if your has has this you must take it off. Its that black thing next to your speedo cable. ... tion1w.jpg

19. You could also take gearbox vacume system of the gearbox to make it easier when you pull it off.Two bolts are holding it and you can see one of the in this pic ... lts7fr.jpg

20.Taking off the gearbox

Two bolts at the top 14 mm .One off the bolts will have connection the a negative battery terminal/ cable.

As you can see two holes on the left are for the starter motor and the other 2 on the right side are for the gearbox 14 mm

Than there is one one more bolt on the right side 14 mm again and the last one on the left side of the gearbox ( looking at the gearbox from a right side quarter panel) This bolts is in opposite direction compered to the others.

Take your gearbox out put a new one in and follow everything back.
When putting your gearbox back just make sure you get a gearbox to pop in on two pins .In this pic you can see where they are once gearbox goes back on.

21.Last thing when everything goes back in is that you must bleed your clutch.Because once you have taken off that clutch cable bolt and oil came out there is no more preassure in your clutch system.Simple just fill your clutch master cylinder with clutch/brake oil and pump your clutch.Let someone hold it while you release oil and air that's left in there.You do this by turning anti clockwise 9 mm ot 10 mm not sure, bolt on your slave clutch cylinder.After a few times your clutch will feel harder when pressed down.

Golden rule always put your bolts back where you find them !!!

Hope that helps

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PostPosted: Sun 12 Jun 2005, 6:53 pm 
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Repy from rocketgsr:
rocketgsr wrote:
I might just say that in my opinion the easiest way to crack the driveshaft nut is to get someone to stand on the brakes - and it's much safer! After that, I've never had to remove the caliper - you can move the whole stub axle enough to get the driveshaft out.
My only other point is that pulling the driveshaft out has never worked for me - I've always had to use a tyre lever of big screwdriver to lever them out, or else you pull the CV apart (which is not ideal).

For the record, bleeding the slave cylinder requires a 10mm spanner.

Great work!

'88 Eterna ZR4
'86 Cordia GSR

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