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PostPosted: Thu 21 Jul 2005, 11:18 am 
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This is a wiring guide for the original factory loom from an Eterna HT with the DASH engine and an automatic transmission, yours may vary depending on what car your engine is from. Most of this can probably be applied to the VR4 conversion too, or any other Mitsi EFI engine your using.

To start with here is a list of things you will need:
Cordia with DASH engine installed
DASH ECU, wiring loom and power relay
8valve wiring loom
Electrical tape
Scissors and scalpel
Wire stripper
Wire cutters
Soldering iron
Connecting wire in various colours

You should have a little as needed in the car, no battery, airbox, E101/boost sensor, etc. Unplug the 8valve wiring loom and remove it from the car, you'll need to use a few wires from it so don't get rid of it just yet. It is a good idea to label both sides of each connecter you remove incase you need to check back on them later. Now you need to put your DASH loom into the Cordia, this is all pretty straight forward so I wont go into too much detail there. Leave the computer unplugged for now. You'll have several wires in the DASH loom that arn't connected to anything.

ECU Power supply and console gauges
These wires run from the ignition switch and the dashboard through to the engine bay on the driver side, along the firewall and then back into the cabin on the passenger side. There is a black six pin round plug on the drivers side that you need to keep, as well as the wires coming out of it which go to the ECU, the power relay, the ignition coil +ve post and the boost sensor.
The six wires are:
1. Black with Yellow stripe, this is the Cranking 12V START wire, goes to the power relay
2. Black with Yellow stripe, some as above, unused.
3. Black with red stripe thin, signal to the console Pressure meter
4. Yellow with white stripe thin, signal from the vechile speed sensor
5. Black with white stripe, this is Switched 12V ON which goes to the ignition coil +ve, the power relay and the fuel pump.
6. Black, Constant 12V wire, goes to the power relay and the ECU for backup memory power.

Wiper motor wires
These are the wires that run from the driver side to the passenger side of the engine bay. The driver side has a 6 pin white rectangular plug with 4 blue wires, a black wire and a white wire (Image 1). , the passenger side plug has 4 blue wires. There is also a plug in the centre that connects the A/C compressor. You will need to remove these wires from the Cordia loom so get it all unwrapped and pull them out. Only the white wire is connected to the rest of the loom and it joins a T-piece at the E101, cut it on the red line (Image2)leaving the E101 side of the wire going towards the ECU. Now you should have the heater/ac loom seperate (Image3) and you can plug it back into the Cordia engine bay. (Image4) (Image5)

Stray wires
There are a few wires in the DASH wiring loom that were cut to seperate it from the Eterna, so now we have to wire them back up. Starting with the engine bay there are three wires, a green wire with a white stripe, a yellow wire with green stripe and a black wire. The first wire is the TPS sensor output, it connects to the ECU at pin A17. The other two wires are for the two water temp sensors. The black wire is for the earth for the ECU's water temp sensor so wire that in to any earth wire you have around, which are black wires with red dots. The yellow with green stripe wire is the diagnostic output from the ECU, that dosen't need to go anywhere.

'88 Eterna ZR4
'86 Cordia GSR

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