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Mod Plates for intercooler
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Author:  Sketchy [ 22 Mar 2004, 21:05 ]
Post subject:  Mod Plates for intercooler


does anyone know if i legally have to have a mod plate if an intercooler is installed on my cordia?

reason is ive just bought one and have to get a saftey cert for it

btw i am in qld

Author:  Tailus [ 22 Mar 2004, 21:09 ]
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you shouldn't, in the ACT you shouldn't, but you'd probably get done for it anyway. I had to get one for my little rx cooler front mounted, since i've upgraded I haven't gone back for a certificate, passed lots of cop cars, if you aren't doing anything wrong they're unlikely to pick on you.

Author:  510DIA [ 23 Mar 2004, 11:48 ]
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U shouldn't really have to in QLD, most ppl around these days with big crazy coolers which arn't blue plated. i actually haven't heard anything about it, unless u changing major parts of the car, engine, seats, bull bar, seat belts, brakes ect... BTW im from QLD/Brisbane

Author:  CowboyDan [ 23 Mar 2004, 17:43 ]
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Intercoolers don't require an engineer's slip or roadworthiness... my cooler isn't listed on my certificate. I do believe you're supposed to advise the RTA (or your mob) though, as it comes under an 'owner certified modification' which the governing bodies usually want to know about.


Author:  fat4g62b [ 27 Mar 2004, 18:06 ]
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ive got mine on an engineers certificate it all helps i geuss but the guy tht did my car said there is really nothin u can do to have it "legal" as such im from sth qld

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