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First in 2020
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Author:  Wexx [ 07 Jan 2020, 02:50 ]
Post subject:  First in 2020

Man this site is D E A D. My Cordia is going into storage since I am moving to Japan. Going to TRY to get it over there once I am established and do some heavy mods to it, like multi-point/COP and a new ECU with wideband O2 and high flow cats. Now to start buying parts...………….


Author:  phaser [ 10 Jan 2020, 12:02 ]
Post subject:  Re: First in 2020

Still have no idea how this place still exists.. might have to start some new content related stuff on another platform. I've got a few cars I'm bringing back from the dead.


Author:  GORAN [ 14 Jan 2020, 09:36 ]
Post subject:  Re: First in 2020

I am here too.. sometimes :)

Author:  d_nikiforides [ 14 Jan 2020, 11:09 ]
Post subject:  Re: First in 2020

Yep... I'm still here every now and then as well.

I was trying fairly hard to sell my cordia, but looks like its not going anywhere. It will also go into long term storage, and maybe later down the track i'll revive it.

I've gone pretty deep into the uzz32 active soarers now. (not the coil sprung or airbag soarers) the active hydraulic suspension model. Very low numbers made.
So basically that project, and also renovations on my house over the last 18 months has redirected any attention the cordia would have gotten.

Still love the old cordia, only really wanted to see it go so someone else would get use out of it. Just sitting around at mine atm.

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