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*** Technical Discussion Guidelines ***
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Author:  CowboyDan [ 31 Mar 2004, 20:36 ]
Post subject:  *** Technical Discussion Guidelines ***

This forum is for the more advanced technical discussion. Extremely basic queries or threads not of a technical nature will be moved accordingly. Please also make use of the search function in this forum, questions which have been asked and answered before will be locked.

Do not ask:
How much boost can I run?
How much horsepower does the XXX motor have? (go here)
I want 200kW, what do I need to do?
How much power will XXX mod give me?
How much will XXX cost me?

to repeat:
6) Do NOT use capitals or symbols to make your thread more noticeable. people can see it just fine. If you make a thread title, or a post in all caps or using sms txt spk crp, expect to have a mod edit it or delete it outright for you. You have been warned.

I'm sure y'all get the idea.


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Author:  AB [ 26 May 2006, 15:42 ]
Post subject: 

I was thinking of a possible addition.
If you post a question about how to do or fix something, or you want a diagnosis of a problem it will make it a lot easier and faster if you post what the modifications to your car are. Things like VR4 engines, multipoint injection, aftermarket computers, piggy back computers, but also things like intercoolers and cut airboxes. They can all have a big impact on the cause and solution to a problem.

So perhaps something like:
x) List your mods in your thread or signature if they'll help answer your question.

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