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PostPosted: 03 May 2004, 22:00 
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Tools you will need.

-Half inch drive socket set, or MAYBE a 3/8 drive will work
-Never before seen levels of extentions for socket set.
-Universal joint for socket set (Depending on intake manifold)
-Phillipshead screw driver
-Balljoint splitter (preferable, but can be done without sometimes)
-Axel Stands or somthing similar
-Wheel Brace
-2 New Splitpins

And now we begin!

1.While car is still on ground, loosen wheelnuts, Jack car up and remove front wheels. Place on Axel Stands.

2. Remove Splitpins from tierod ends (The things which bolt on to the hib things and control the wheels) Remove 17mm nuts off Tierod ends.

3. Bust out balljoint splitter and large hammer and use to split balljoints. If balljoint splitter is unavaliable, your basically fudged, but try to beat the fudge out of the the metal which the balljoint goes in, and it might fall out. If you're lucky...

4. Now what you must do my son, is bust out the socket set with a 17mm socket on the end with never before seen levels of extentions. Depending on your intake manifold you may need a universal joint to undo some of the bolts. The never before seen levels of extentions should extend above the engine... If they don't it may be tricky to undo the bolts.

5. Now use a 12mm socket to undo the clamp on the steering shaft going to the rack.

6. What you should do now is go inside the car, using a wheel to prop the door open (Depending on the angle of the vehicle, this may not be nessicary) Dive under steering wheel. Undo maybe 4 or 6 screws which hold the plastic cover over the steering column. Remove steering column cover.

7. Undo 6 12mm bolts which hold the steering column onto the pedelbox. Steering wheel will drop onto belly.

8. Turn steering wheel in an odd position until steering rack falls off the shaft.

9. You will have to remove the rack from the LEFT side of car, it will come out with a little wrestling.

10. It is difficult to put the new steering rack in the car, but you can do it with a friend with some jiggling etc.

11. Lightly bolt the steering rack to the crossmember.

12. Get a friend to hold steering wheel in oppertune position and slide shaft into hole (this sounds dirty).

13. Tell your friend to go away, because his work here is done.

14. Bolt steering column to pedelbox.

15. Tighten down bolts which attach the rack to the crossmember.

16. Tighten up clamp on the shaft.

17. Tighten up the balljoint bolts and install splitpins.

18. Check for free and easy movement and install steering column covers.

19. Install wheels and lower car to ground, tighten bolts.

20. Pack up all tools and go inside.

21. You are a WINNER!

‘85 AA Cordia
All in bits!
On the road soon, terrorising your local neighborhood!

1980 EX lancer EX2000 replica.

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PostPosted: 04 May 2004, 22:02 
Resident Antichrist
Resident Antichrist
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Great write, thanks :)


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