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PostPosted: 27 Jul 2005, 15:31 
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PatJ i've noticed you have some problem with oil leaking coming from underneath the oil housing.I've changed this gasket couple of times and just the other day i was swapping oil cooler housing with the one that doesn't have one.

First of all i would like to let you know that there is a difference between the oil housing that has an oil cooler and the one that doesn't have one.The difference is that the one without one doesn't have two bolts/attachments for inlet and outlet pipe that goes to your oil cooler.So people if you get an oil cooler of another cordia make sure you get the oil housing as well.

In this pic you can see what those two bolts/atachments look like ... ing6zd.jpg

Anyway back to the topic,leak is caused by gasket that is betwwen the oil housing and the block of the engine.

1.Remove the timing cover , two bolts 10/12 mm ... lts9mc.jpg

2.The oil housing hold 4 bolts, the problem is all three you can remove without taking other parts of accept the one.Because of this one you need to remove the plastic cover,both pullies etc so..

Loosen the alternator bolt first so the belt is loose ... olt1zp.jpg

3.Remove the bolts of the pully above and take it off,4 bolts 10 mm i think ... lts6ws.jpg

4.Than remove the four bolts of crank pulley 12 mm i think. ... lts7ub.jpg

Now this pully and the one behind it won't come off until you block the flywheel with something (screwdriver) and than take off the 24 mm bolt of the crank pully.When this bolt is off pully will come off. ... olt8wx.jpg

5.Take off the plastic cover.You could this before the crank pully is off but the problem is one of the bolts is behind it so it would still be on.There are about 6-7 bolts all around 10 mm , make sure you put them back ... ver3lv.jpg

6.Once the cover is off you can take four bolts off that are holding the oil housing in, and this it what it would look like once the housing is off ... ing4dz.jpg

You can buy a new gasket or you can just make one, this is what the gasket looks like underneath the car while still atached ... ket4mt.jpg

and once it's out, ... et13ou.jpg

Once you make a new one get some silicone and put it on , put everything back they way you took things off, make sure bolts are tight and give it some time for gasket to dry.

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