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Author:  GORAN [ 26 Jun 2005, 22:01 ]
Post subject:  Melbourne Cruize Pics

Beautiful weekend what can i say :wink:

Author:  mscordia [ 26 Jun 2005, 22:19 ]
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Nice pics goran ill do my write up when im in a better state and not hungover!!!

Author:  GORAN [ 26 Jun 2005, 23:10 ]
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and few more...

Author:  GORAN [ 26 Jun 2005, 23:34 ]
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and few more...

Author:  WyDa [ 27 Jun 2005, 02:07 ]
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Hope u guys (n gurls) had a good weekend. Really sorry i didnt get to catch up with yas all. Had a 21st sat nite, and the aftermarth sunday **shudder**, and my g/f was wanting to spend time with me sunday, so i couldnt get away. *cries*

I got to meet steve n tom tho.... and i missed most of ya's by about 2 mins apparently at the workshop :S



Author:  Nashstyle [ 27 Jun 2005, 10:54 ]
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Wicked cruise guys, thanks so much to Kel for organising the whole thing, and thinks for the cordiapower memorabilia. The drive up (after a lot of bugerising around) was pretty smooth, through some decent Donvale/Eltham twisties then to the Weshtern Hwy where the AU started pissing out dark smoke from underneath! Turns out that the Ford Service Centre massively overfilled the gearbox oil and it was dripping onto the exhaust. The Hwy runs were quite fun, Patty making a few streaking appearances, I took a few of my trademark mirror shots.

When we got there we pretty much started drinking until about 4am. In between there was a BBQ, some Uno, doing laps in the Datto and Steves Cordia, some G-Tech runs on the Hwy.
On the way back the highlight was playing “Box Inâ€

Author:  MNcordia [ 27 Jun 2005, 13:22 ]
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looks like it was loads of fun! who had the s2000? that would have been THE place to be for a 21st party!

Author:  MerlinTheHapyPig [ 27 Jun 2005, 14:50 ]
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I had an awesome weekend, nice pics goran, I can't wait to see some of the video footage!!

Thanks to kel for doing all the running around and organising (and cooking, and cleaning, and stressing out!!!), that c.p beer mug is going straight to the pool room!!!

Sat night involved some bbq's, g-tech runs (i might get some decent tyres next time...), i went looking for drift, but sadly ballarat industrials sucked! (well the ones we looked at did). got waved through a booze-bus/defect station (i can't believe a drag spec datto 1600, 2 cordias and a skyline made it through without a second look.)

Then back to base for some serious drinking, cards, talking shit, steve's "creative" photography. Only had the owners of the camp complain once. rob/steve(spike) cutting the power to the cabins... more drinking, there are bits and pieces i can't remember. It was bloody cold though, next campie cruise let's do it in the summer hey!

next day, we were waiting at a servo, and saw a couple of random cordias drop by, one was a middle aged woman in a stock GSR, the other was a dude in a VR4'd cordia with a fvck off front mount (if only roger was there to show him some stock 1.8l powa!)

box-in on the hwy was amusing, pissed a few people off. Only 2 break downs - involving spike/steve mum's AU falcon (of all the cars i'd expect to have broken down, that was the least likely) and also Tom's Exhaust falling off, the speaker wire didn't quite do the trick ey!

Overall great weekend

Author:  blackGSR [ 27 Jun 2005, 15:13 ]
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Sounds like an awesome time was had by all involved! More pics! :D

Author:  Spike [ 27 Jun 2005, 18:33 ]
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Goran some great pics in there just cant wait to see the video now.

Maybe we need to have a Video nite and ppl that went on the cruise can go and whatch the video while pissin on and catch up again

Well it has my vote

Author:  Malovan [ 27 Jun 2005, 19:00 ]
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Vote 1 for steve! Great idea.

Author:  mscordia [ 27 Jun 2005, 19:09 ]
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Im up for another get together with everyone, so count me in!!! And im more then happy to help organise if someone helps out.
Well be putting pics up as soon as i can be bothered and wicked pics goran glad theres hardly any of me.

Author:  lurch_layupking_42 [ 27 Jun 2005, 19:15 ]
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That looked like a farking awesome weekend. I reckon us QLD boys need to organsie a bit of a shindig along the same lines. Seriously, there may be some merit in organising something similiar.

I look forward to more pics and some vids. Well done boyos and girlos

Author:  Spike [ 27 Jun 2005, 19:16 ]
Post subject: 

well if this is a go ahead i think i should be able to hold it at mine, as its big and there is enough room for everyone to stay if they want to drink or if there is another person with a big house put your hands up and let us know

Im willin to help pull this one together

Author:  watty [ 27 Jun 2005, 19:19 ]
Post subject: 

hey guys

very fun weekend indeed, was such a great group of people, would be keen for a meet up again, even though i dont own a cordia!!!!!



Author:  GORAN [ 27 Jun 2005, 19:25 ]
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No probs guys tape is ready just let me know when and where.

Author:  mad_rx2 [ 27 Jun 2005, 20:44 ]
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Dudes, I had one of the best weekends Ever!

Im definatly in for the next one, I think the whole Stay the night and get on the piss aspect of things really helps with getting to know everyone.

It wasnt just about the cars this time, we got to know eachother kinda thing.

The big highlight was definatly the kickass bbq and The mugs unveiling!

Ohh and i loved going out to do the g-techs!, and seeing walsh'y rip on the handbreak at 90+kmh...He had me worried for a min :wink:

Author:  WyDa [ 27 Jun 2005, 22:45 ]
Post subject: 

missed it all :(

whens the next one?

pls not early sept... :P

dont wanna miss another one!

Author:  DannyV [ 28 Jun 2005, 00:38 ]
Post subject: 

YEEEEHHHHH!!!! OMG! ill say it again how good this weekend was!!
Top group of guys and girlies turned out and had such a good layed back time!
Good to see fatty patty too, hope to see her soon! hehe
MAAASSSSIIIVEEE thanx to kell for organising like absolutely everythin, the only thing we were left to do was light the barbies.....*COUGH COUGH* LOL!!!! :P
Mug is awesome! THANK YOU! :):):)
Video night sounds like a farrrken sick idea!
Already missin all u guys! :(

AHAHAHAHHHAHA ohhh watty if u come to the video night, ur not allowed to buy any passion pop!! :P LOL!!!
that sooo wreckd a few people!

Good work goran with the photos, was really nice to finally meet u in person too, was good to finally meet all u guys!

I got a good photo for u kell, u should be a plumber! LMFAO!!!!
But yehhh was sooo good to have a "FEW" drinks with everyone and just have an absolute blast of a time!
YEH i have never been sooooo farken cold in my life, aaron and tommy i have sooo much respect for u boys livin up there.
and tom i dont know how u stood outside talkin at the end of the night in just shorts nd tshirt! LOL u crazy man! hehe

Author:  nizzy [ 28 Jun 2005, 01:40 ]
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Sounds like youse had a great time and passion pop is deadly stuff @ $3 each or someting lolz. I also think kellie did a great job and she deserves A round of applause. Anyone wanna put names to those people in the pics? ;)
another deadly thing is black wasted :wink:

(sorry if i said something wrong just off my head atm) ;)

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