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Cordia GSR Turbo Interior Details

The interior of the Cordia Turbo is still quite good and functional for a car built in the early eighties. It comes standard with very supportive sports bucket seats, electric mirrors and air conditioning which in some cases may need to be removed to make room for a large intercooler and custom piping. The dash also features a oil pressure and boost gauge in place of the voltage gauge found in the non turbo Cordia GSL.


An aftermarket boost gauge is also beneficial if boost levels are to be monitored. Aftermarket gauges cost around $60AUD to $200AUD depending on brand and size. Autometer have very good quality 3 or so inch boost gauges for around $120AUD. The boost level on this gauge goes up to 20 pounds which is more than needed if working on the standard engine.


The standard steering wheel should be replaced with a smaller more grippier steering wheel as the standard item lacks responsiveness due to its size. Momo and Autotechnica offer a large range of sports steering wheels that suit the Cordia. These will set you back anywhere from $120AUD to $600AUD plus boss kit depending on your choice of style and trim.


The Cordia Turbos stereo system should also be promptly replaced if it hasn't already. In standard form the Cordia Turbo comes with a five speaker system. Five inch at the rear, four inch at the front and a single five inch in the center. Although this may sound like you modern day high tech setup, it is far from it. If your budget allows, ditch all the standard speakers and replace the front with a good set of five or six inch splits mounted in the doors in custom pods. A simple set of five inch coaxial speakers will do well in the rear for fill. The same brand front and back will sound best.


For the head unit, any decent brand CD, MD or Mp3 player will do as long as the power rating is sufficient for the speakers if you are not considering running a power amplifier although this is highly recommended. Most large manufactures produce good 4 channel amplifiers for upwards of $250UD that will easily run any four speaker setup. For the audio enthusiasts who wants big bass an additional amplifier will be needed to run a subwoofer or two. The subs will work best in a suitable enclosure mounted in the rear of the Cordia although this will greatly reduce your boot space. For a decent, not too flashy setup the total cost should be around $1500AUD. This can be much more depending on your setup and choice of equipment. Be careful though, a good quality sound system means extra weight, and extra weight means less performance. So be prepared to sacrifice performance or spend more money if you are intending on a very loud system!


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