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Mitsubishi Cordia Turbo & Other Automotive Performance Links


If you have a good quality Mitsubishi or turbo cars related website and would like it listed here please send us an email through the Contact Us form. Please ensure our link is posted on your site first before requesting the link swap.

Cordia & Mitsubishi Links   Performance Cars, Parts & Other Links
A good looking site that is easy to navigate. Features of the site include specifications, recommendations, images, Cordia meets and cruises and details on other modified Cordia Turbos.
A new Cordia website from the Netherlands. Check out Eef's crazy custom 1.6 Cordia SR.
Mitsubishi GSR/EVO Club
A new Mitsubishi car club website. These guys are CAMS registered, incorporated and have 15 sponsors.
The official Australian Mitsubishi Motors website.
The official American Mitsubishi Motors website.
Mitsubishi Motors Japan
The official Japanese Mitsubishi Motors website.
An American Cordia Turbo site with information and pictures of the owner's Cordia Turbo.
Mitsubishi and Saturn recyclers. A US website offering new, rebuilt and used auto parts, for Mitsubishi, Saturn, Daewoo & Dodge import cars and trucks.
A Polish Mitsubishi car club offering heaps of information on Mitsubishi cars, images and club information. A non English website.
A very simple to use online metric to imperial and imperial to metric unit converter for power, torque and speed.
Wallpaper World
A great wallpaper website with a massive automotive gallery featuring such cars as the 2004 Ford Fiesta RS concept, Pontiac GTO and much more.
A great automotive wallpaper website with a massive gallery featuring such cars as the Subaru WRX Sti, Lancer EVO and many more.
A great site for information about performance cars covering modifications, wheels, body kits, suspension, cars shows and lots more.
A company that specialises in both standard replacement components and performance components for Mitsubishi, Proton and Hyundai vehicles.
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