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Special Feature Cars


Welcome to the Cordia Power Feature Cars section. Here you will find cars of exceptional performance or cars that have been heavily modified for a particular purpose. To see more hot cars check out the Cordia Forum.

Make   Model   Description    
Mitsubishi Motors   Lancer EVO VII GSR   A review of the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VII GSR. Article, images and statistics provided by Car Fellas of Singapore.   Lancer EVO VII GSR
Mitsubishi Motors   VR4 Cordia GSR Turbo   A look at Wayne's race bred VR4 powered Cordia Turbo. Article, images and statistics provided by Wayne Twist.   Race Bred Cordia Turbo
Mitsubishi Motors   2.0 Cordia GSR Turbo   A look at Terry & Andrew's heavily customised 2 litre Cordia GSR Turbo. All images courtesy of Terry.   2.0 Custom Cordia GSR Turbo
Mitsubishi Motors   Chevy V8 Cordia 4WD   Steve Murphy's 377 Chevy V8 Powered Cordia 4WD. Page sponsored by Kempy's Bitza Mitzy's of New Zealand.   V8 4WD Cordia
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